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About Our Parent Company, Charles & Colvard®

Company Charles & Colvard®

Charles and Colvard Moissanite

Charles & Colvard is the exclusive global supplier of moissanite, a patented jewel with unrivaled brilliance and fire. Founded in 1995, Charles & Colvard, Ltd. is the sole source worldwide for moissanite, a unique created gemstone with exceptional brilliance, fire, luster, durability, and rarity like no other gemstone available on the market.

Charles & Colvard is proud to be a member of the American Gem Society, Jewelers of America, the American Gem Trade Association, Gemological Institute of America, Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, Jewelers Security Alliance, Jewelers Board of Trade, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, North Carolina Jewelers Association, and Better Business Bureau of North Carolina.

Charles & Colvard is a publicly traded corporation listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “CTHR.”

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